Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4 ways to wear: High-Waisted short

High-Waisted shorts has become a must-have piece in our wardrobe, I always loved the high-waisted stuff and when it became popular I was so happy that a lot of new designs and ways to wear it came out, unfortunately I couldn't buy many high-waisted shorts, but this one form Brandy Melville is my favorite, you can pair it with many stuffs and now that is summer is the perfect time to wear them!

With plaid 

Urban Style

There are a lot many ways to wear high waisted shorts, but i was based on the outfits i've created, hope you like this post and if you follow me on instagram you must know why I haven't been active with the blog but you should know i'm feeling a lot better and I'll do photoshoots very soon! xoxo. Miss ya <3

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